Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An experiment shows how the quantum levitation

Experts from the University of Tel-Aviv have made ​​an impressive demonstration of quantum levitation , the Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC, its acronym in English) collected in a video.

The demo lets you see how superconducting materials are rigidly trapped in magnetic fields , so as to maintain distance without friction with the body that generates the field, keeping even a certain position.

The effect is not an object floating in the air but one that is "locked" , as explained by the man who performed the show in the video. As explained in Eliax is as if the disc is "wrapped in wire magnetic fields."

Although often used the term "quantum levitation" to refer to this phenomenon, its official name is the Meissner effect , this is one of the defining properties of superconductivity and has been known since 1933.

The ASTC Annual Conference was held from 15th to October 18th at the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore, USA. More than 100 scientific sessions showed different as this demonstration of quantum levitation.


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