Saturday, October 29, 2011

Macquariums, aquarium recycling a CRT screen iMac

The macquariums are more than an original way to recycle the old iMac, are proof that many of the products we throw away can have a second life. In this case turned into a beautiful aquarium. The iMac now sport a very thin before using a monitor with a cathode ray tube had a very colorful, which makes them very fun to build an aquarium. The inventor of this Aquarius is called Jake Harms , who has simply been collecting old Apple iMac and has been recycled to create aquariums as geek as you can see from the pictures. Each one of you created Macquarium is priced at $ 250 and has a three-liter tank, where as indicated by its creator, there is room for 1 to 3 frogs dwarf, small goldfish, and so on. Of course, you water filter and a lighting system that makes it an even more attractive in the dark.


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