Saturday, October 29, 2011

Slingshot to make funny pictures

Usually a small weapon is a slingshot to throw things about "Y" and has a rubber attached to launch, but this slingshot is very special. This model pictures and is the work of designers and Um Jung Jung Eun Young Yim , this will pull the rubber and then released to take the picture. Sting Called Shot has a USB port to get photos to your computer, flash and is special to capture the frightened face of his friends when threatened by a slingshot. The slingshot has different names in different countries: China in Venezuela or Carpe reporter in Chile and Mexico, deep in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay; tasting in Ecuador; rubber in Colombia, slingshots in Cuba, etc.

Don’t smile, don’t say ‘Say Cheese’ and definitely don’t strike a pose! All these are a taboo when you are using the Sling Shot Camera, a real fun concept that aims to capture the real you…. when you are digging your nose, sticking your tongue out and scratching your butt! What ever happened to lighter side of life; thankfully this camera will bring back the spunk to natural photography! And as you guessed it works like a slingshot; yippee what fun!


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