Wednesday, October 26, 2011

IOS beats Android application download

Android has become the leading system application downloads in the second quarter of 2011. Google's system achieved a market share of 44% download and IOS and exceeds 31%. The leadership of Android is based on the proliferation of devices with Google's mobile operating system , which shows an increase over the previous quarter. However, the iPhone from Apple has been a slowdown in sales , which have increased but not as much as previous months.

Applications have become one of the elements of value in the different mobile operating systems. The battle between the main actors, Android and Apple, usually develops in the number of applications and in the volume of downloads . The firm ABI Research has released its analysis data of the second quarter of 2011 , where Apple Android gets imposed on the volume of downloads.

Although Apple maintains its lead in the volume of applications, according to latest official data from both Android is gaining ground and is becoming closer to the Apple system.

The last conquest of Google's mobile OS has been to overcome the volume iOS application downloads. According to ABI Research, the Google system has achieved a market share of 44% of the discharges , while iOS has complied with 31%. Both systems account for 75 percent of discharges and are consolidated as absolute rulers of the sector.

Android has a growing catalog of applications, many of which are free. This feature may be one factor for the success of Android, but ABI Research point to another. The company explains that the proliferation of Android devices is the real cause of their success.

While in the second quarter of 2011 the growth slowed iPhone, Android continued to improve his numbers. Apple's device became a growth of 15% to 9% growth . The wait before the launch of the iPhone 4S could be the cause, but the truth is that the device failed to keep pace with growth that has Android.

Sales of smartphones with Android increased 36% in the second quarter , while the first had grown 20%. The figure shows how Android continues to grow and improve their performance every month. According to ABI Research, Android installed base exceeds 2.4 IOS and each terminal is a Google OS for iPhone worldwide. The company forecasts indicate that in 2016 the difference increased and placed in a three Android iPhone.


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