Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Steve Jobs came to behave more miserable with their relatives, according to his biographer

The biography of Apple CEO Steve Jobs , I, Steve: Steve Jobs in His Own Words ( Steve Jobs (ed. Debate) in Spain) has been put on sale on Monday October 24 in English and in-store iTunes Amazon online. The book, designed by Walter Isaccson and edited by Simon & Schuster includes dozens of interviews this "visionary" , but currently only available in English.

Steve Jobs died on October 5, at age 56 , after battling pancreatic cancer for eight years. Since his death became known emotional tributes were held in his name throughout the world participating from state leaders, business rivals and especially their fans. On Monday, the biography written by Walter Isaacson Jobs after the interviews with Jobs comes to light.

The book about the life of Jobs goes on sale at a price of $ 17.88 (12.88 euros) and for editing Kindle for $ 20.80 (14.98 euros) on Also available in iTunes for 15.99 euros. At the moment only available in English ( and has seen the light in countries like Japan ). On Tuesday October 25th in Italian is available on Amazon and on October 28 will be released in Spanish and Catalan.

Never before had revealed great detail about life or thoughts on the Apple co-founder, until he was chosen by Walter Isaacson Jobs to create his biography with the intention that their children know him better.

He was selfish behavior

Romantic, extremely sensitive and obsessed with the pursuit of beauty but also aware of his power and rude in demanding, Steve Jobs believed since childhood that was "special" , that fate had chosen him to do great things. That is the portrait of Walter Isaacson Jobs, co-founder authorized biographer Apple , outlined in an interview in which he says that despite the seriousness of his illness, the technologist left "and brilliant new ideas for mobile and other products " will be released in the future. In Steve Jobs (ed. Debate), the result of more than forty interviews, Isaacson presents a "genius" with shadows so passionate and obsessive about his work came to behave "miserable" with their closest to them. "His greatest fault was that sometimes he indulged the passion that both could get to be mean to people. (...) There used to apologize, but even so it was very faithful people because he valued his passion and talent, "says Isaacson.

Although there was no criticism, the cofounder of Apple was "very aware" of the impact of his behavior and was sorry for "many things".

"We weighed the way he faced the birth of their first child, for not having taken charge of it from the outset. And little things like the way he treated his parents when he went to college. I, too, that he regretted not having cancer surgery just was diagnosed, "says Isaacson. Being an adopted child was a determining factor in the personality of Jobs. "He told me, 'says his biographer, that made ​​him feel independent and outside the world in which he lived. also made ​​him feel special. Some of his friends think that generated a sense of abandonment and made ​​him anxious to prove their worth " . hobby lacked worldly, in fact, was only interested in two things in life, "his family was madly in love with his wife and had a relationship 'very strong' with their children, and his work at Apple " . Indeed his work as head of the company on the block he produced great sorrow. According to Isaacson, he felt as the greatest betrayal of her life that Microsoft created "a computer with a graphical interface that resembled the Macintosh." And in the eighties was "obsessed" with the company of Bill Gates because he thought he had stolen their ideas , as happened in recent years with Google on the grounds that he had appropriated some concepts of the iPhone and its mobile operating system. However, the biographer clarifies that Jobs was not a vindictive man and even, over the years, forged a friendship with Gates.


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