Friday, December 9, 2011

Anyone can register domains and pornographic. Xxx

The. Xxx is designed to accommodate, in a clear and limited , the pornography industry. The idea is that just the families and educational institutions and public can more effectively use filters to prevent access of minors or the public is not interested in those sites.

The registration of. Xxx, created to designate Internet web pages or sexual pornographic content , which started last September and has exceeded 100,000 and the number is expected to double by year end , Efe said Stuart Lawley, the CEO of the promoter of triple x domain, ICM Registry.

When in September of this year began the first phase of registration, ICM Registry said it expected more than 650,000 websites were operational before the end of the year and estimated that only 10% of requests come from companies that seek to prevent they relate to adult content.

It begins the third stage in the registration process

The first step to protect the marks of this domain and to register other in order to develop adult content took place from September 7 to October 28 this year. Once completed, any company may request the blocking of its brand name and therefore would be available to the general public. The next phase, from 8 to November 25 is destinóa professionals unregistered adult entertainment and the last to be opened this December 6 , allows access to any applicant.

That is, from Tuesday any individual who wishes may register one of these domains , but may only exploit those who prove to belong to the pornography industry.

"The triple x porno located good" , he pointed out the company spokesman Immaculate Hostalia domain registrar Castellanos, who believes that the mere fact of being located in this domain (which will cost approximately between 100 and 150 euros) is a statement of good practice Consumers facing this kind of material.

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