Monday, December 5, 2011

NASA invites you to congratulate Christmas to those who pass beyond Earth

As every year around this time, the NASA offers the opportunity to congratulate Christmas e-cards with the astronauts who will go through these family days aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

With messages like "I wish you were here", "Greetings to 350 kilometers above the Earth" or "Top View" on images taken from the ISS, NASA invites fans to space to accompany the astronauts with their good wishes .

"You can send a bit of humanity from Earth to the outpost, "NASA said on its website, which says that" your good wishes be sent to the station crew. "

On board the space complex is composed of the Expedition 30 commander Dan Burbank American and Russian flight engineer Anton and Anatoly Shkaplerov Ivanishin, which is expected to join on 23 December, the Russian Oleg Kononenko, Dutchman Andre Kuipers and American Don Pettit.

NASA has also launched another initiative to send astronauts to through Twitter account @ NASA_Astronauts , in which they maintain contact with thousands of fans around the world.


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