Monday, December 5, 2011

A reporter causes an online debate after saying that he was offered $ 0.75 per story

The working conditions of journalists has become one of the hottest issues in the network following a complaint from a journalist who refuses to "work for free."

The name does not work for free , the debate has become a trending topic on page Twitter in which journalists from various countries share outraged the conditions of the job offers received in recent months with the excuse of the crisis.

The issue was initiated by a journalist after receiving an offer that would charge $ 0.75 for each 800 characters news I got put on forums, blogs and article directories speaking well of a particular brand of accessories for weddings, baptisms and communions.

To collect, should be able to prove the publication of a total of 400 articles per month , for a minimum monthly payment of 300 euros. Failure to do so, would accumulate the total for the following month, specify the offer.

Aware of the complaint, the Press Association of Madrid (APM) decided to launch the debate # gratisnotrabajo to ask other journalists who denounce similar offers . "We want to investigate all these offers that border on to denounce publicly the shame," said agency president, Carmen del Riego.

It has detailed Del Riego, to denounce not only the "unacceptable" working conditions imposed by some companies and organizations, but also the manipulation that involves passing for journalism which is nothing more than advertising .

Thus, over Sunday, the Twitter page has been collecting reports of journalists who have worked "for a medium that offered 10 cents per item "or" the day of fellows in some ways exceeds ten hours . "

"Devaluing journalism is another way to stifle press freedom. Soon there will be journalists, advertisers will , "said one participant in the debate, while another notes that" journalism is overrated and abused out inside. "

Have joined the debate some journalists who claim that "it is sad, but all we have ever done" and others, such as television news Almudena Ariza, who points out that "journalists often call us to give lectures for free. Flame a plumber and tell him you did not pay compensation . "


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