Friday, December 9, 2011

Microsoft will remove Windows applications remotely with 8

Under the terms of service of the App Store Windows 8 , Microsoft may remove applications remotely from any device at any time for any reason. Google and Apple can also 'delete' purchased applications in the Android Market or App Store .

The Redmond company recently announced its application store for Windows 8 and is now trying to attract developers to it. He also published its terms of service, among which includes this option.

"We may change or discontinue certain apps or content offered on the Windows Store at any time for any reason," says Microsoft.

Sometimes, they say, this will happen to "respond to legal or contractual requirements," while in other cases it will prevent users from accessing applications if their safety is at risk.

However, the company could repay the amount paid by the application if the elimination of a device with Windows 8 Beta (currently only available version of the operating system developer).

However, the data stored by an application could be lost forever . "If the Windows Store, an app or any content is changed or discontinued, your data could be removed or might not be able to recover data you had stored," says Microsoft. Also, remember that under no obligation to return the data.

Apple confirmed long ago that can carry out these measures (although, for now, have not done), while Google has had to do more than one occasion.


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