Friday, December 2, 2011

Spotify launches new platform with custom applications

The service for online music player Spotify announced on Wednesday in New York to launch a new platform that will integrate multiple applications , including one of the magazine Rolling Stone , which will read reviews of songs, or one of , with the that you can share what you hear. "This new platform is really the beginning of something that will change the rules in this industry," said the CEO of Spotify, Daniel Ek , the first press conference company in the U.S., a country which began offering its service in July.

The founder of the Swedish company said the launch of the new platform, which is a change of service supplied so far, "integrates applications of the best and brightest" to " bring fans to their favorite artists and offer all kinds of incredible musical experiences. " Spotify, a company with only three years of life has already become the second largest source of revenue for the digital music industry with 10 million users in its new version a dozen applications, accessible to all customers , whether paying subscribers or free service, which may choose which integrate into your account. Among the new applications, Ek highlighted launched in partnership with the prestigious U.S. magazine Rolling Stone , which will allow customers to Spotify read the review of a song or album while listening, as well as access playlists developed by the publication, among other possibilities.

"This is an excellent opportunity to integrate our news stories and editorials with Spotify," he told a press conference co-founder of Rolling Stone , Jann Wenner , who described the event as a "milestone" that said he was "proud" participate. Another application will be available in Spotify's new platform will be to , which will share the music you're listening to other people and know what they are playing on their computers other users with similar tastes. Meanwhile, the application of Songkick will read the lyrics of the songs you are listening, and the TuneWiki inform the user of upcoming concerts where the group will offer those who are listening, while enabling them to buy tickets for them.


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