Friday, December 2, 2011

Apple apologizes for censorship of abortion information Siri

Apple has had to apologize after a day of excitement. The technology company has refused to take an official position on abortion after criticism raging purpose of Siri Virtual Assistant for iPhone for its inability to find clinics interrupt the pregnancy. Moreover, in some cases has led to centers for pregnant women pose to abandon the idea .

In a statement, Apple has Siri problems attributed to the fact that this is a test version of a system which continues to work. "It's not intentional omissions in order to offend anyone," said Tim Cook, CEO of the company has ensured that the assistant, which is activated by the voice on the iPhone 4S, better "in coming weeks."

One of the founders of Siri, who developed it before it was acquired by Apple, said that Syria is in beta and therefore is in the process of improvement. In any case, he says, such responses are not likely attributable to the company if not third-party suppliers with whom Apple hired to obtain local information for your virtual assistant.

Spontaneous combustion

Siri's responses are, however, the only problem with Apple's iPhone .. Two customers in Australia and Brazil, have reported a strange spontaneous combustion of your device that destroys iPhone 4 without any known cause. The origin of both incidents is totally different. In the Australian case, the spontaneous combustion occurred during a domestic flight. Sparks started the unit and the plane was filled with smoke. In the case of Brazil , the incident occurred while the owner was sleeping and the phone was charging. The room also was filled with sparks and smoke. There is still no explanation for the problem, but some media remind older model iPod Nano have been problems of self-ignition of the battery.


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