Monday, December 5, 2011

Australia warns of scams online dating pages

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has urged the Government to take action against the online dating sites after reporting that more than 1,600 Australians were swindled in a scam which amount totals more than $ 17 million during 2011.

The regulatory body is required to create a project with clear guidelines to regulate this lucrative business.

"The scams online dating sites cause significant damage to Australian consumers," the commission warned in a statement.

The publication of the Australian group is working on recommendations from last July, is made after the scandal generated in the oceanic country to learn that a doctor paid for years at a dating agency to believe that helping a girlfriend about 3 million of dollars.

"It is common for a real user is contacted by a fan who actually cheat you are looking after you create an emotional bond and receive money and personal gifts," says the ACCC.

Among the recommendations are that the pages to warn customers about potential scams, to assist the processing of claims and verify potential profiles to avoid "fraudulent conduct." EFE


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