Friday, December 9, 2011

Human Charger: convert body heat into energy

Fujitsu Laboratories developed a small device that when used on the human body converts body heat into energy. The project is still being perfected and should reach the market by 2015, many manufacturers are already interested in this technology.

This battery has a hybrid operation, as it can be powered by sunlight but in turn also thanks to the warmth.

At that time the stores this energy like a battery for later use. The device also is hybrid because it also manages to capture energy from sunlight.

This new venture may have huge profits that have not yet been tested, this is the first product that harnesses the power of warmth and sunlight at the same time.
Previously this required two separate devices and elements such as batteries.

"In the field of medicine this technology can be used in sensors that monitor conditions such as temperature, blood pressure and heart problems, without electrical connection, "the company said.

"If the ambient light and heat were not enough to power the sensor, this technology can supply power to both sources increased each other. Besides this device can be used to control for example the weather forecast."

Fujitsu is still working to perfect your project and hopes to release it in early 2015.


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