Monday, December 5, 2011

Warn of a massive attack on printers

Researchers at Columbia University have made ​​a warning when less disturbing. According to the study, the HP LaserJet printers connected to the Internet are vulnerable, a "hole" in your system, cyber attacks. The hackers could install malicious software and take control of the machine, to the point p rovocar spontaneously catch fire . Researchers believe that this security flaw is also found in HP printers, which have begun to analyze.

The flaw in the remote firmware update allows the hacker to access the printer and put a "booby trap" , the component responsible for heating the ink to dry until the machine is on fire. Researchers believe that this security hole could affect millions of consumers, businesses and institutions. So the situation have informed both the U.S. federal agencies as HP. The company is analyzing the details of the study but does not agree that the vulnerability is so great, considering that research has been conducted with older printers.

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