Friday, December 9, 2011

Apple breaks 'tradition' and put a different processor in their new iPhone5 and iPad3

The Apple company in recent years has been for repeat custom processor models in their new gadget. The device that usually occurs in January for tablet models iPad is the same which is incorporated in the new iPhone which, by custom, are presented in autumn.

But according to several analysts have been told at Susquehanna Financial , the norm in the Cupertino company will break into the new cycle of presentation of their gadgets . "The processor is a CPU iPhone5 completely different from what it is incorporated into the new iPad", say the experts in a report published in the portal PwnageTool.

"On the iPhone5," says analyst Chris Caso, Susquehanna, "production is estimated for early June 2012." The new Apple smartphone will replace the iPhone 4S, which only takes two months on the market .

The portal Portaltic adds more information about the new smartphone model, advancing its screen size is (4.2 inches) and resolution (1440 by 800 pixels) higher than the current model, which has 3.5 inches and 960 by 640 pixels, respectively.

The camera of the new Apple phone could also increase its resolution of 8 to 12 megapixels, a potential image quality and other smartphones have "sold in the market.


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