Friday, December 2, 2011

Sony Bravia televisions are smarter more social

Being in front of the TV and look for other devices such as smartphones or tablets to access Facebook and Twitter and will not be necessary thanks to the latest range of intelligent TV Sony Bravia , which among other things allow you to access both networks.     In the same way, Enjoy videos of Youtube , as this platform was already available on Bravia TVs, but this new update will increase support for high-definition quality, according to Slashgear.     The new 'firmware' TV will give the opportunity for all those who are against this unit to have their pictures on Facebook, as well as messages, status updates and even links to HD TVs. On the other hand, the new 'ticker' to Twitter will update your account will appear at the bottom of the screen of this device.     Similarly, while the user is in the profile of one of these two social networks, you can share songs both Facebook and Twitter.     The company has also released a version of its Remote Keyboard Lite for Sony portable, which means that you can enter the URLs in the browser and search for content on menus.     In this sense, the computer needs an operating system Windows 7 , since it could not be used with other types of laptops including Macs Apple .


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