Monday, December 5, 2011

Anonymous rob banks to "donate money"

The group of hackers Anonymous has joined the group Teampoiso n and adopted the name ' poisAnon 'in order to rob banks to donate money. I call "scammers" and make them responsible for the crisis. The operation, of course, is called Robin Hood.

In a statement posted on Tumblr by Anonymous , groups of hackers claim that "when the poor man steals, he is considered violence, but when rob banks, business is called," referring to the business of banking.

Therefore, they explained that they will take the banks what they consider theirs . In other words, planned to steal money from banks. With Operation 'Robin Hood' will donate 99 percent of what they raise to charities in a campaign as "reimbursement" of money.

So, have ensured that they have already gained access to several U.S. financial institutions and among its first victims include Chase Bank, Bank of America, and Citibank credit cards.

"It's time to pay '
In this sense, state that "it is time that banks pay for their crimes and corruption," and decided to take justice into their own hands because they do not wait for the government to take action. Therefore, the operation 'Robin Hood' recommend users to move their savings' credit union insurance. "

"We have no fear of the police, secret service or FBI. Let's show everyone that banks are safe and take our money back. Let's hit the real evil without hurting their customers and helping others "have said in the statement.

Finally, in its statement called the people to get up and remind the banks for whom they work. "It's time to fight. It's time to regain their freedom," both groups have concluded hackers.


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