Friday, December 9, 2011

The iPhone 5 will have a different processor than the iPhone 3

The iPhone 4S takes only two months on the market but is already thinking about the next model of Apple. Several analysts say that Apple is planning to incorporate the iPhone 5 different processor to be the future iPad 3 and extend the screen resolution on the iPhone 4S .

So far, Apple has scrupulously followed a schedule of launching its iPhone and Apple devices. Typically, earlier this year launching a new model of 'tablet' of the company in October introduced a new iPhone.

With this strategy, Apple tends to surprise with a next generation processor for 'tablet', which is then used in the new iPhone to take your power and mobile experience.

Apple's philosophy of using the same processor at the two terminals may go down in history in 2012. Susquehanna Financial Analysts quoted by the portal Pwnagetoo, Apple will introduce two different processors next year, one for the iPad 3 and one for the iPhone 5.

The company would develop totally new processor for your smartphone ' , designed in a specific power and possibilities for a mobile phone. For now do not know the details of any of the two processors, although it has been speculated on some of its features.

All indications are that Apple will use multi-core technology for the two processors, as they are already doing some of its competitors. There is talk of quad-core processors as one possibility although no official data.

Improved screen and camera
Additionally, the display of the next iPhone could reach 4.2 inches, surpassing the 3.5 markedly iPhone 4S. Apple expanded the size, possibly reducing the frames of the phone. In this way, the iPhone 5 could have a similar size to the iPhone 4S.

Another rumor suggests that the screen, while increasing, have more resolution. The latest model in the market, the iPhone 4S, with a resolution of 960 by 640 pixels per inch to 326 . According to the German portal Macerkopf, Apple increase the screen resolution on the iPhone 5 to 1440 by 800 pixels.

The camera aspect that Apple has placed special emphasis on 4S also iPhone could be renewed. In this sense, the new iPhone 5 increase from 8 to 12 megapixel potential.


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