Friday, December 9, 2011

New Zealand users will be the first to try the new 'timeline' of Facebook

Facebook announced at the last conference on company news its new Timeline . This development has been described as an "interactive album on our lives." Users can place your files and photos in chronological order to form a more detailed information on their lives.

Users of New Zealand will be the first to see the new face of the social network. According to adapt they will incorporate the remaining countries.

The timeline will not be a change in the privacy policy of Facebook, it does not affect the information displayed, just change the chronological position of the content.

Responsible for this product is carried out, Sam Lessin , said that this country has been chosen because they are Anglophone and may know what you think of the timeline faster.

Another reason may be the large number of users Zealanders who have Facebook account, says Los Angeles Times . Of the 4.4 million , 2 million are in the social networking profile.

If all goes as planned and the first users are well adapted to the new system, it is likely that the rest of users around the world to have this new service soon , but has not materialized to date.


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