Friday, December 9, 2011

Free Air Tire, wheel airless Bridgestone anti puncture

The Tokyo Motor Show , also brought us the car scooter - the realization of the puncture-proof tire ever since it has no air inside .  Bridgestone has manufactured a new type of recyclable thermoplastic wheel surrounded by a band of rubber and resin without any air or gas inside the Air Throw Free . Only a curved mesh radios ... interlocking plastic with an angle of 45 ° form the structure of the wheel and support the weight of the vehicle. Each holds a load of 150 kg so the first uses will be small electric vehicles and cars gradually come to use.

Thanks to this structure without air punctured the tire is not nailed never though glass, nails or any other element. Another interesting feature of these wheels is also deformed in the turns (recovering its normal structure) to improve the grip but without changing the fault trazada.Las of these wheels is that they offer a lower suspension and increased consumption due to its grip on asphalt, but this new model has minimized these effects.


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