Friday, December 9, 2011

United States shows his grenades "smart"

If we talk of war and equipment, there are few countries that use technology to that end one of them is the United States, who every day are taking the battle to a more virtual. Now have presented a grenade launcher "smart".

Some time ago that this country spends millions of dollars in technology development of war, not only cyberataques but the weapons themselves.

The future that we all saw in movies with robots wars not so long ago, now the new weapon is called the XM25 grenade launcher. These latter 100% radio controlled and assisted by a laser sight.

Now the soldiers of the U.S. Army currently in Afghanistan will have a new smart weapon. The Department of Defense issued from December, the first batch launcher grenade XM25.
The XM25 fires projectiles programmable and controlled by radio , to operate in the place pointed to by the soldier, a total of 12,500 units were assigned this weapon. The gun, which took about seven years of laboratory development, it costs $ 35,000 per unit , and is targeted as a revolutionary weapon of war.

By laser is possible to indicate a point 700 meters away, and radio controlled pomegranate may be detonated before reaching the point indicated or minutes later.

For this feature, the soldier can not "wander" in their missions killing defenseless civilians, but we now know exactly where and when it will explode the projectile.

This weapon has leaked as oddly enough is based on the movie "The Fifth Element" in which the villain (Zorg) had a grenade up this style.

No doubt that this technology is more than this weapon not only on the gun itself, but throughout the firing system, which is 100% made by a computer microchip placed inside each shell.


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