Monday, December 5, 2011

What Steve Jobs and Bill Gates thought of each other

Two magnates, two men of ideas linked by technology. Her accomplishments have marked each by hand, a new stage in technological innovation. His professional career and joined them separated, and the media always speculated about their friendship, but to really think about each other?

Both men were inclined towards technology and have devoted much of their lives to this field. For one thing Steve Jobs was devoted to developing new products and contribute to the creation of new designs that revolutionize the market. On the other hand, Bill Gates focused on developing and marketing software. The two have become rich thanks to his skills in this field.

With the death of Steve Jobs have come to light some of the criticism that he dedicated to his great rival Bill Gates . In the biography by Walter Isaacson mentioned that "everyone thought he was smarter than the other, but generally considered Bill Steve as someone slightly less especially in matters of taste and style."

Ironically Jobs
This is just a touch of the number of comments that were devoted to each other. Including some as controversial as "Bill Gates would be a more open type if it had ever taken acid."

In Business Insider have made ​​a compilation of the most striking criticism were the two geniuses. Yet also praised the work of his rival. One example was the letter to Gates issued his condolences when he learned of the death of Jobs:

"The world rarely see someone who has had the profound impact that Steve has created, whose effects will be felt for generations to come. For those of us lucky enough to work with him has been an honor incredibly bright. I will miss Steve very much. "


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