Friday, December 2, 2011

Create a system based on augmented reality for the training of people with autism

The multinational information technology Indra has developed the Interactive Virtual Learning System for people with autism and learning difficulties (SAP).  This project's R & D aims to apply the technologies of augmented reality and virtual support training and educational intervention professionals and families with people with disorders do Autism Spectrum (ASD).  The project envisages the development of a technology platform capable of integrating systems and tools that cover all the educational content required for different solutions, as basic skills (large, small, far, near), daily living skills (hygiene, food) and concepts such as teamwork and understanding of the relationships, the recognition of emotions and imagination skills or play.    

The new application will offer virtual worlds and controlled environments, understandable and adaptable, high attraction to the technological elements such as computers, PDAs, etc.. In order to cover the maximum number of persons, the application will be developed for computers and game consoles and other devices to be widely used platforms.     The application can be developed anywhere. The schools can use both as centers of expertise and their own families at home.  At the end of this year launched the first prototype to evaluate with real users and the final product will be available in early 2013 .


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