Monday, December 5, 2011

Batteries of gelatin, the successors of lithium

A new technology based on a polymer gel could replace the current batteries lithium ion . These gel batteries solve some problems of lithium, as its high cost, easy to overheat to the point of being able to exploit limited shelf life.

The invention has been developed by scientists at the University of Leeds, England, who expect their ingenuity led to the creation of electronic devices smaller, more efficient and safe . Currently, much of laptops, mobile phones and many other electrical devices use batteries based on a volatile and sometimes dangerous electrolyte: lithium. The scientists aim was to overcome the problems and limitations of this material and its quest have had their batteries gelatin doing the same work for a price between 10 and 20 percent lower than that of lithium.

This technology, developed primarily by Professor Ian Ward, is based on the mixture of a polymer rubbery with a liquid electrolyte in a thin, flexible gel that is placed between the electrodes of the battery. "The polymer gel resembles a solid film, but actually contains 70% liquid electrolyte , "says Professor Ward. "It's done with the same principles on which it becomes a jelly: it adds a lot of hot water to gelatin (in this case is a mixture of polymer and electrolyte) and when it cools and settles into a solid mass, but flexible ". In addition to being safe and damage tolerant , the cells obtained are adaptable to fit almost any device geometry, which makes them much more versatile.


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