Friday, December 9, 2011

The top 10 gadgets of 2011

We enter the final stretch of the year before selecting the best gadgets in each category for the awards clipete we chose the 10 that have marked 2011. Not everyone has come to Spain and many of them face each other in the same product category. However, the importance of each gadget or what they represent, have earned appear on the list top 10 as the most important gadgets of 2011 Did we miss any?

Microsoft Xbox Kinect
The motion control system (and voice) has revolutionized the world of video games and more. The Nintendo Wii was the beginning, but Microsoft has managed to find the continuation and give much more than talk when it is integrated into other devices.

Apple iPad 2 
The second tablet Apple has managed to make the gap with the rest of the Android clones with only a few basic upgrades. Maybe in the future sell more Android but the reference will remain the iPad.

LG 3D Cinema
When criticism of 3D displays were all out by the high price of the glasses (they were also inconsistent between brands) LG came with their system of passive polarized glasses and democratized the enjoyment of 3D content without spending a euro more.

Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy Nexus
The two major terminals Android the year that have been put on the ropes the ubiquitous iPhone. The S2 has been the most known, but the newcomer Nexus will give a lot to talk about. The battle of the smartphones continues.

Apple Macbook Air 
Though we take on the market since 2007, has been now that the MacBook Air has grown up making a power comparable to that of a conventional laptop, keeping its stunning design and lightness. 

Nintendo 3DS 
For better or worse Nintendo has made its commitment to getting handheld fully in 3D. The results have been mixed and although it has been below expectations, the new Nintendo console offers 3D experience without glasses at a good number of people.

NEX Sony and Fujifilm x100
Two cameras that have broken with the establishment. On the one hand the system NEX-interchangeable lens compact cameras, there has been renewed with models that offer a high quality beating many SLRs. On the other Fujifilm has regained the pleasure of photography more staff and made with the X100.

Apple iPhone 4S (Siri) 
This time the revolution has been both the hardware and software. The brain of the new iPhone integrates IRIS, the first personal assistant that recognizes the natural language that represents the first step of the gadgets that obey orders. Too bad it is not already in Spanish.

Amazon Kindle Fire
The only brand that has really managed to create a tablet as attractive as the iPhone has been Amazon. And while the biggest attraction is its Kindle Fire very small price ($ 199) should not underestimate the power of Amazon, which successfully launched the Kindle e-book while the rest failed.

Boxee and Roku
Two systems almost unknown in Spain but great success in the U.S. and has led the new generation of television to the classroom. Goodbye to traditional channels as we have known. SmartTV systems put on the screen hundreds of channels with movies, series, documentaries and webTV (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) for you to enjoy your TV to the letter.


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