Friday, December 9, 2011

Nintendo Wii in 2012 U

Just recently he started the rumor of a new console from Nintendo HD , and being on the eve of E3 certainly had formed great expectations about it. Finally, in his press conference Nintendo released its new piece of hardware under the name U Wii , and although the information disclosed was very brief and we can go getting an idea of what the future family member of the big N.

For several months sales of the Wii console go into a tailspin. This is probably due to the recent launches of motion controls on other consoles ( PS Move and Kinect ), leaving us wondering if the Wii U will not be coming too late to run high-definition consoles.

Although no technical specifications of equipment offered a demo of Zelda rendered in real time and displayed at 1080p graphics power reveals a close-if not like-which have the PS3 and 360.
But what really drew attention to the U was a new Wii control, which consists of a touch screen of 6.2 "surrounded by a broad framework that we find the buttons on a traditional power like microphone, speakers, camera, sensor infrared and even a stylus .

Briefly during the conference and later she made some demonstrations of the usefulness of this new peripherals, such as the ability to view video and other content on your screen, and even the same game transmitted wirelessly from the console.

Another relevant point is the interest shown by other companies ( Third party ) to develop titles for the Wii U, among which were even games rated "M" Dark Siders 2 and Ninja Gaiden ,. However, no featured  demos of any of these. Hopefully in the future to see innovative games developed by third parties for the U Wii, not the current console, where few companies tried to exploit the potential of Nintendo.

Up to now know the price and exact date of release of U Wii some point beyond 2012.


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