Friday, December 2, 2011

The new redesign of Youtube for the video site is "cleaner and simple"

Youtube has been redesigned to be " cleaner and simpler "and provide the user the video search and subscribing to thematic channels, as well as enhance their social status and provide more customization options, the company owned by Google in his blog officer .

The new design has hit the home page , where you can now set a custom menu with the channels that the user is subscribed, with tabs to see the most popular videos and materials options to share on social networks + Google and Facebook .

Youtube says that the channels have also been redesigned to make it easier to search for videos of most interest to Internet users.

"As different people use Youtube upload content differently, we have created new templates for channels to meet your needs whether you produce a video a week as if they have to search through thousands of videos, "the company said in the blog .

As they explain, the aim of this new design is focused on helping users to "discover a wide range of entertainment," and claim that "we are always innovating" to provide a better experience at the most visited video site in the world.


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