Thursday, December 15, 2011

LG is committed to the design in smartphones and voice control on TVs

LG bet on the design in smartphones and improve the performance of other devices such as televisions, which will soon include voice control, as indicated by the director of marketing for LG Spain, Pablo Vidal.

Specifically, the design will have a capital importance in the new model as the company prepares to Prada to be released in 2012. However, due to its price, which is not available to all budgets, the company considers to be "to ensure a high volume of sales."

The role of this mobile is "image building" that the company is able to offer terminals for "high level". In this exclusive terminal will add a "wide range" of devices that help LG "position in the champions of smartphones," said the manager.

As is the market, the 'smartphone' will have to differentiate something to be "beyond" the hardware , ie something to be exclusive, as the world's first ground for not buying an iPhone is that there are "too", according to Vidal.

LTE and Android

The company is also thinking about other factors such as connection speed, so LG provides differentiated by the adoption of LTE in Spain, with as many terminals support this high-speed network of new generation. Also, continue betting on Android as an ecosystem especially as it is "where the consumer is going." In this line, has considered it a "mistake to bet on a closed ecosystem."

Another key point is the creation of content, and LG will continue to work in this field. According to Vidal, "which dominates the digital environment" in the field of consumer electronics, "dominate the market." In this regard, the manager has opined that "Spain has habits somewhat less advanced" than other markets, but at the same time, growth has a "fantastic" in e-commerce.

Thus, LG work to offer content in their products and improve the user experience. This will directly affect the smart TV 'set top boxes' which bring the connection and displays the applications that are not connected. Thus, the manager has revealed that LG is enhancing command and the interface of these devices and is adding new features such as voice control.


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