Friday, December 2, 2011

Born television that is handled with the gestures and the voice from the console

Customers of Xbox 360 will be able to enjoy television without controls thanks to the agreement that have reached Microsoft and Telefónica. In an innovative way the user can enjoy Imagenio. "The 1, RTVE, Teledeporte and MTV Spain will be among the 12 channels that can be viewed using this new format. Will be the most attractive and will include entertainment and sports," Mary has advanced Garaña, president of Microsoft Ibérica.

" They will work with Kinect technology already used in video games and the brand that breaks the frames between the user and the television, "added Garaña. "People can use the direct console only with his gestures and his voice," Luis Miguel has held Gilpérez, chairman of Telefónica Spain. On December 6 is the date of commencement of service. "Remember that in this country there are nearly one million homes with one of these consoles," reported Garaña.

"The first months will be free for everyone, while the 160,000 customers who have Xbox LIVE Gold in Spain may have provided the service without any additional cost [These already pay a service fee of national and international video store]," has Garaña expressed in relation to tariffs. "We're still shuffling costs, but the final price will be between ADSL and TV services", has completed Gilpérez.

It is possible that the commercial service of Telefónica sells Xbox 360, as reported Gilpérez, but not this Christmas. The impatient will have to wait a little longer. In the meantime, has already transcended that users can access a mega ADSL service but to see the programs in high definition, need a minimum of 10 megs, Gilpérez has warned. Such an arrangement already exists in countries like England and Italy.


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