Monday, December 5, 2011

The Apple ID is the new target of cybercriminals

Cybercriminals have used the image of Apple to try to trick users and get your access to the music store and applications Apple . Through an email, cyber criminals data access request to appropriate them and make purchases on behalf of those affected.

Data theft is becoming more frequent. Hackers try to get as much information as possible to sell or to access the accounts of users of the mails or other services. It is also common to find schemes to get the bank details of users in order to extract money from their accounts.

However, Sophos security blog, Naked Security, now announces a new practice. It is the theft of identification data to Apple services in order to buy content on behalf of users. Thus, from Naked Security ensures that it has detected a campaign of " phishing "in which cybercriminals use Apple's image to fool users.

In an email, posing as the company , imitating her image and style to defraud consumers. The scam is reporting that it has detected an error in the billing of users. Cyber ​​criminals threaten to close accounts that have been affected by the incident, saying it is a security measure. To keep the accounts are closed, indicate to users that need access to a link and follow a procedure.

Blog According to Sophos, the detected mail system leads to a German website, but it is possible that cybercriminals develop a new page that mimics that of Apple. In this way, try to trick users into entering data in order to control the problem of false security . When you enter your data, cybercriminals will get your username and password and can operate with them.

Sophos recommends beware of unsolicited emails and services and above all be careful with the links to be accessed. This new threat is another example of how cybercriminals never stop finding new ways and new hooks for their scams.


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