Friday, December 2, 2011

The new brand will come out in Vibo March 2012

Orizonia has commissioned Consultants Saffron Brand repositioning and changing the visual identity of its retail division, Viajes Iberia, "in order to respond to new consumer demands of the XXI century."

This rebranding is part of an ambitious transformation project that extends to all areas of the division (physical network, website) and all its processes. In this reinvention, the name change has been a crucial challenge.

"Viajes Iberia needed a new name on which to exercise total control, which involve new values ​​and to unify their operations in Spain and Portugal , "said the CEO of Saffron, Jacob Benbunan.

Saffron has sought a name that focused on the future, respecting the present and assess the past Viajes Iberia. Thus, Vibo was born as an acronym for VIB (Viajes Iberia) + O (Orizonia).


According to José Duato, CEO of Orizonia, the transformation is to change the way to sell travel in Spain, "leading the market for travel agents to adapt to new trends of the century".

The CEO of Viajes Iberia, Enrique Riera pointed out that to achieve this goal, "there will be a simplification of sales and after sales processes, which involve greater support for travel agents, a strong commitment to multi-channel, a modernization of the branch network and extension of the performance of the web as a sales channel and service. "

Vibo plans to make its official launch in March 2012, when presented with a new identity through its physical network, for renewed website and the first of three 'flagship stores' retail division that wants to establish Orizonia in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon .


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