Friday, December 2, 2011

'CityVille' celebrates its first year leading Facebook: 49.7 million monthly users

Zynga was not all him when he decided to expand the formula of Farmville . A little slow to see that their fears were completely unfounded. CityVille became much more fruitful in its title, showing that the regulars Facebook urbanites are more than farmers.

This week marks one year since the game came to the social network and have tired against their players, CityVille has a solid base behind. One month later, the simulator encompasses a whopping 97.4 million users active, resulting in the most popular title Facebook over the last twelve months.

Almost twenty million users stands behind its closest competitor, The Sims Social (30.4 million players), if we exclude FarmVille (30.9 million) for having been born within the same company .

Zynga  also has published numerous statistics about the game, starting with the demographic profile of users: 53% are women who play five times a day, especially in the afternoon.

As curiosities, Enrique Iglesias gave more than 45 million concert in a week CityVille (74 reais in 2011), there are 63 million hamburger in the game (45 300 McDonald's and Burger Kings in the world) and more than 89 million coffee shops, in compared to 17,018 Starbucks around the globe.


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