Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Three years in prison for insulting Islam Egyptian Facebook

A court in Egypt has sentenced Ayman Yousef Mansour to three years in prison for insulting Islam and promote sectarian religious through postings to their own social network Facebook.

Criminal Court Judge in the neighborhood of Al Azbekiya Cairo, Kamel Sharif, issued a decision after finding him guilty of "deliberately undermine the dignity of Islam to mock and despise him in his personal account on Facebook, "the Egyptian state news agency Mena

The convicted person "took advantage of religion to propagate extremist ideas with the intention of creating religious sectarianism and damaging national unity" and used " disgraceful expressions against the Koran , the Prophet Muhammad and the Muslims, "the judge said in reading the opinion.

In 2007, still under the dictatorship of former President Hosni Mubarak , another man, known blogger Karim Amer , and was sentenced to four years in prison for criticizing Islam and the president himself.

Abdel Karim Suleiman, who wrote under the pen name Karim Amer, became in February 2007, when he was 22 years, the first Egyptian blogger sentenced to a prison sentence and was released in November 2010.


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