Friday, March 2, 2012

The new Google privacy policy comes into effect today

The new Google privacy policy , with which the company says it wants to facilitate the user's activity , making it simple and intuitive, and keeping the same controls, has entered into force on Thursday. One of the major changes of the measure is that the user will have a unique profile compared with those who had different now different services, like social networks or programs of geographic location.

The European Commissioner for Justice has asked leave to suspend its new policy of Google's new policy has generated much discussion , and just this week the European justice commissioner, Viviane Reding has asked the Internet giant to leave in abeyance the new rules Privacy. According to the authorities of the European Commission, the new Google's privacy policy does not comply with European legislation on data protection. By contrast, Google reiterates that its new policy will bring benefits to the user , and insists on Thursday in his blog that has not changed any of the existing privacy principles, or how to treat the personal information shared outside the company. Google states that they are not picking up "any new or additional users. not sell your personal data. And we will continue using our industry-leading security to keep the information secure. "


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