Friday, March 2, 2012

Windows 8 now available for download

Steven Sinofsky, president of Windows, was responsible for introducing the new operating system. Windows 8 is for tablets and computers, but Microsoft has presented at a trade show dedicated to mobile phones. It is a sign of the cross between live equipment. All manufacturers of hardware and software they want to have a solution to send the rest. Microsoft has been the last to arrive, but it has done with the muscle that characterizes the computer giant.

"We challenged ourselves to make the best of computers and mobile world," Steven Sinofsky started. Presentation broken down into three areas: operating system, applications (the term "program" should sound viejuno) and the products debuting Windows 8. "We started from scratch a platform to reach a new level of functionality," he said. Since September more than 100,000 have made changes while they are unveiled to the press, published a website to download the new operating system at no cost: will be in English, German, French, Japanese and Chinese. Although the world premiere was in Barcelona, ​​is not, for now, either in Spanish or Catalan.

The manager said, as he often does Apple, which will be "easier for everyone. All activity will be at a glance. Nice, fast and give a seamless experience. " A new feature is the connection to the cloud. The user has a profile to store your files, preferences and interface programs.

To display the new square-based interface, called Metro, spoke Julie Larson-Green, Vice President of Windows, and Antoine Leblond, vice president of Web services. Besides showing how they appear on the cover message notifications, battery status and agenda, once it enters the browser sends fingers. Navigation bar disappears. You are on the bottom, hidden. The content of the website is in full screen. The videos also go well. There have forgotten your console Xbox 360. Launch games catering for both platforms.

The move from application to application, with a wave at the edges of the screen with your thumb, almost immediately. At least in the tablet Larson-Green was used in the presentation.

Especially liked the audience, analysts, journalists and some manufacturers invited by Microsoft, how to add content in social networks. You can have open the Facebook application, drag a finger lightly on the left side of the screen to access what you have open and drag and drop to share with contacts. Whether a photo, video or a link. Attach emails also become that simple.

Antoine Leblond focused on the computer. With a ultrabook of Lenovo hue why he did: "Touch screens are great for large objects and gestures. The mouse is best to do more careful. " One notable change is the management process that improves. Taught how to see the graph of the transfer of a file on a jig.

Who has not touched the computer screen in the office?, Said Larson-Green to teach how to use a touch screen computer. "The applications are better than web pages," he added.

The cloud is present. Whenever you look for a file, you access both local and Skydrive storage, the service of the house, or if fotos.La Photobucket app store will be integrated, as is customary in the AppStore and Android Market, the computer be thematic. During the trial period, all free.

In the most technical aspect showed the first tablets that work with new processors. Nvidia and Qualcomm will begin to include their products in tablet and Windows computers.

One of the issues that caused the failure of Windows Vista was the lack of drivers for peripherals. Sinofsky noted that seconds will connect any printer, screen, keyboard or mouse. The company that runs Steve Ballmer can not fail again in the world of laptops.

Intel did not forget and ultrabooks. The second generation of them, equipped with the processor will start Ivy Bridge in under 10 seconds. One of the examples was a HP Envy computer, with a housing, such as mobile phones, difficult to scratch, made ​​with Gorilla Glass. The laptop manufacturers seem to have taken the arrival of Windows 8 and the unstoppable success of MacBook Air to begin to spoil the design.

Sinofsky closed with a summary of the characteristics of the new operating system: "The more applications you have, the better the experience." He stressed that work on both small and large screens and will be the best choice for home and work. The old dream of Microsoft's entertainment and business unite in one unit.

The Redmond company took chest with two different devices. One extremely large: a 80-inch screen capable of responding to orders of up to 100 fingers at once, and a computer with dual core processor to fit in the palm of the hand. Only had to connect keyboard and screen. As powerful as a desktop high-end, but ready to carry in your pocket. "All shapes and sizes are used to Windows 8," he said Sinofsky.

Before Windows 8 hits the market, Microsoft will be shelling more about your browser Explorer 10, which will by default connect to their phones and devices compatible with their new platform.


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