Monday, March 19, 2012

Now what Android can do?

The announcement of a new iPad requires manufacturers of Android tablets to catch up. It is possible that ASUS, as stated in your Twitter profile , offering more cores or tablets that Samsung allowed to choose between screen sizes, but no one can compete in two aspects: the definition of the screen and the catalog of Android, still far from wealth of iTunes.

Not that Google will wait but last week it was ready for the upheaval caused by a new iPad. John Lagerling, director of alliances operating system, confessed to El Pais that Apple has it easier than Android for making hardware and software . The Android world is more open but also more complex. There are all kinds of gadgets that use it: media players, phones, tablets, devices to connect to the TV ... Part of its strengths but also weaknesses. Theoretically you can buy the same hardware and have a totally different experience. More and more manufacturers will often add a selection of programs and display options to differentiate themselves.

Google has tried to put some order with Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest operating system whose value is to unify the interface and application compatibility for all. Great for screens of all kinds, large and small. Lenovo has even made ​​a TV that works with Android 4.0.

Fire Kindle, the 'best seller'

Amazon also has entered this war, only in America, but steadily. There Fire Kindle is already the best selling tablet after the almighty iPhone. The landing in the world depend on the agreements.

His strategy is the same you have with the Kindle for reading, a very low price, low-only 6 gigs storage-and great store to buy any digital content, whether books, movies, applications ... Jeff Bezos The store has many advantages in addition to its advanced technology, know synchronize shopping as any other competitor. If you leave a film or book on a particular item, you can continue where it left off in another device provided that gives the user key. Fire Kindle only costs $ 200, is somewhat smaller than the iPhone and are thinking to abuse, it is assumed that does not scratch.


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