Sunday, November 27, 2011

Need for Speed: The Run

From coast to coast. Fast, very fast, which is life in it. Squeeze the police , arrest us without remedy, the mob always in the mirror , ready to turn the race in 'walk' (read the quotes), and also must be the first , best of all. All fast, very fast, without restraint or break.

And is that the work builds up in 'Need for Speed: The Run', the issue number 18 th in the series of cars more 'underground' of consoles. A title in which the goal is to cross aboard the cars more powerful United States, from San Francisco to New York in an illegal race whose victory will enable us to pay off bills and save their lives.

Without respite, or by car or on foot

There are 4,500 kilometers Cruise mode that recreates the star of the game, with nearly 300 real driving . But the data is the same paradox of the title. It is true that there is much to be done and the variety of scenarios and situations is remarkable. But the achieved sense of speed and intensity of each of the stages makes you think, once you take a breath after finishing that the miles pass without remedy and we could just take a look at the detailed routes, or at least more calmly enjoy what is before us.

It would be worthwhile because the environments flow smoothly through the implementation of the graphics engine 'Frostbite 2' as seen, for example, in " Battlefield 3 "and that applies for the first time a video game car. In this sense, 'The Run' is an overdose (almost, almost embarrassment) of adrenaline.

The narration of the story before each phase breaks the rhythm and even introduce some scenes where you have to 'drive' the protagonist in their flight, this time without a car . There will be more to follow a sequence of buttons, an eccentric and curious detail but it does not add too much when you already fully depressed accelerator pedal waiting for the next outing.


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