Monday, January 23, 2012

The iPad can be reached by March 3

Well, it seems that is beginning to be more specific about the iPad3 . As reported in Bloomberg, the new Apple device will be announced in March, and will, among other improvements, with a new quad-core processor .

According to three different sources, the device would already be in production and most of the initial units to be fabricated in February, just in time for a release just a month later. The tablets come from Foxconn , a leading provider of Apple in China, and the factory would already be working around the clock, before the "crisis" will suffer during the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration.

In terms of performance and features, managed by Bloomberg sources are not too specific, but do offer important clues. For one thing, the screen will have a much higher definition than the current iPhone. In fact, you have many more pixels than HD TVs than there currently on the market.

According to one of the experts consulted, "the new screen pixels are so small that it seems that the images are printed on it."

Extraordinary power
There is also talk of a quad core, that is, four cores , while the current standard, with one exception of Asus, is the dual core. The processor of the new iPad would give him extraordinary power . This characteristic, along with a new graphics processor, the videos would be opened "almost instantly".

Another novelty is that the new iPhone would be compatible with LTE , the next step in 3G mobile and begin to unfold in the coming years. It is curious that Apple chooses to incorporate LTE in tablet rather than the iPhone. The reason, says Bloomberg, lies in the battery. The iPhone has a bigger battery and more capable than the iPhone. And LTE is a technology that needs more energy than the current 3G.


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