Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Google opens Android OS 4.0 to developers

Google has opened the source code of the new Android 4.0 mobile operating system, known as Ice Cream Sandwich, so that developers can create various applications. So says the engineer of the Open Source Project Jean-Baptiste Queru Android on a Google Group , which tells developers how to download the source code.

The Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, which was introduced last October , is compatible with both smart phones as tablets and replaces physical buttons to control software. From Google say Ice Cream Sandwich has improved voice recognition , both translation and dictation of texts and has also perfected the keyboard function, has become more interactive notifications and created widgets or small applications, variable size. One of the most important news is the inclusion of "pattern of Unlock " , a technology that will unlock the phone via the user's facial recognition. The new Android, so far only present in the Galaxy smartphone Samsung Nexus also allows editing and sharing high quality video and capture panoramic pictures.


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