Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The digital content industry grows at the expense of hardware

The Spanish industry of digital content increased again in 2010 after falling 5.3% the previous year, recording a sale of 21.824 million euros , representing an increase of 1%, as reported by industry associations and edited by technological employers Ametic . Presented by the vice president of the Multi-Sector of Electronics, Telecommunications and Digital Content (Ametic), Martin Smith, the report also reflects the depletion of hardware-based businesses face the growth of those through the Internet as music, video games or the press.

And remember that in 2010 the media and entertainment market worldwide grew by 2.7% to over one billion euros , making it one of the few that managed to grow global markets. In Spain, the study emphasizes that in 2010 the digital music market grew by 19.8% to 41.2 million euros, driven by services of streaming (no download music listening) both pay and free advertising-funded, compared to the decline 20.7% experienced by the traditional market, the largest in its history, with 137 million euros. It also highlights the 1.1% decline in traditional video game market, with 631 million, while increased online download 360 million euros in business, 10.3% more. The press continued to decline in their traditional business models, but Martin Perez, said electronic tablets have emerged as an alternative "hopeful" the paper. The book also reflects similar trends while falling sales of physical formats by 5, 7% (3,348 million) increased by 37.5% to 70.5 million digital euros. This report includes the first segment that is taking mobile applications, remarks, "a spectacular growth."


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