Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A possible 'hacking' Facebook floods sexually explicit images and violence

Users of Facebook are under attack of spam mass. The walls of some users have filled in the last 24 hours of porn links and pictures of celebrities and violent images. Some reports suggest that the invasion of these images may be due to an attack by groups of hackers malicious.

Although the attacks of spam are common in social networks to make link on certain links, users of social network Mark Zuckerberg are showing their displeasure, through other networks, such as images and links have appeared in the walls without your knowledge.

These matters as ensuring the security blog Naked Security , the company Shop, including explicit pornographic images retouched with Photshop of artists like Justin Bieber in explicit sexual situations , images of extreme violence and even photographs of abused animals . These links appear on the walls of the users as if they were posted by the user, without which he did.

Users have expressed their displeasure through other networks such as Twitter and some have even claimed that after this problem by closing your Facebook account, says the blog.

The website Gawker has been speculated that hackers associated with the group Anonymous may be responsible for this attack, but from the Shope blog failed to confirm this theory.

For now, it is unclear how it has been possible to extend this type of offensive content without the consent of users. Enter the options being considered for these attacks, which appear to be random , found that users have fallen into the so-called clickjacking (abduction of click) are labeled in the content without their knowledge, they have misconfigured your privacy, they have been tricked into installing malware or have been victims of another vulnerability in Facebook.

"What is clear is that such content is greatly annoyed Facebook users and make social networks are far from being an ideal place for families. Facebook has to get a solution to this problem quickly and prevent it from happening again "conclude the experts.


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