Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Twitter adds new features and arouses the ire of users

After months of testing new design and features , Twitter on Monday several changes applied widely to the accounts of Spanish users (some modifications had received previous weeks). The network aspect of microblogging has changed little, just enough to enter a couple of new tabs that aim to improve the usability of the web.

The first change is the tab '@ username' , which shows in the same column mentions, answers, retuiteos, favorite brands and new follower notifications. Also be notified when another user has included tweeters in a list.

The second change, more significant is the tab 'Activity'. It is possible to see more detail what do the people you follow, who have begun to follow, who have marked as favorites, which lists are created ... With this feature, Twitter is one step closer to other social networks like Facebook.

None of these changes seem to have liked the Spanish tweeters, they soon show their disgust after discovering the changes. The users used the hashtag # PestaƱaActividad to express their views on developments on Twitter. The term quickly became a topic of the moment or trending topic and has remained until Tuesday morning.

The main complaints about the tab '@ username' revolve around the chaos that is the mixture and no filtering of notifications. Protests on the tab 'Activity' are more focused on the issue of privacy. In any case, have seen many profiles on Tuesday have gone again changes, as usual, they will be implemented gradually to join Twitter by default.


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