Tuesday, November 15, 2011

YouTube pays families for posting viral videos of their children

 Record a laugh, an anger or any other funny scene of a child may be worth about 116,000 euros. Who pays these amounts is the video platform YouTube , according to British newspaper The Telegraph .

YouTube has done a deal with families to share their home videos on the site. Through this agreement, families and the platform are split revenue from advertising that appears next to these videos, some of which are among the most popular of the site's history . Yes, the video platform reserves the right to monitor all files uploaded to your website.

Thus, if some of your videos cause enough interest or believes it can get quite visited-that is, became a viral phenomenon - YouTube comes in contact with the user who uploaded it and offers the possibility of earn money. On the other hand, parents who believe their home video can become a success on the Web can make direct contact with the company.

From YouTube say that through ads on the page or by adding any of them in the video itself can generate a large revenue stream that will be shared between the creator of the video and this website owned by Google. Some users have come to donate the money received by such agreements, although there are also those who have decided to use it for the education of their children.


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