Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Free Apple iPod nano changes the first generation of battery problems

The company Apple has launched a program to replace the media player iPod nano first generation. Users who have purchased this device between the months of September 2005 and December 2006 can be replaced by a new, free, in case you have submitted a problem with the battery.

After the return of Steve Jobs at Apple, in 1997, the iPod was one of its star products, which revolutionized the world of music, and users approached the concept of multimedia player. One of the players of this family is the iPod nano, the first generation came to market in 2005 . Several generations of this device have come to the users but the owners of this first generation have experienced problems with the battery.

As confirmed by the company on the block, the problem of these players is in the battery and overheating, which may pose a "security risk" of users. For this reason, Apple has launched a program Free substitution globally for all users of this device in particular, who have had any problems after purchase.

To apply the device replacement must only access the Apple website and follow the steps . During the process, you need the serial number of the iPod nano to see if the device is within the program of replacement and Apple ID. The serial number appears both in the back of the device and the main screen of iTunes when connected to computer.

So, once introduced each of the required data, Apple sent within six weeks a replacement unit to the address that the user has indicated and without any cost.

In the case of users who have customized your iPod device will receive a "full" again, but without any customization. Therefore, since Apple recommends a backup of the data on your iPod nano through iTunes before sending it to get the new one.

By way of recommendation, and to avoid any incident, Apple recommends that users stop using the iPod model for replacement of the unit at no cost.

With the substitution of a new terminal, the developers of the company on the block to get a solution to overheating batteries have some of the first generation iPod nano. Apple says battery problem is specific to this particular model and not affect other iPods. Since Apple has attributed the problem to the sole supplier of batteries that came with a manufacturing defect. Also, although the "likelihood of incidents occurring is small, this increases with battery age," have secured from the company.


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