Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Detect a virus that hijacks Windows and asks a ransom of $ 100 in 48 hours

The National Institute of Communication Technologies ( INTECO ), based in León, has warned in recent days of the discovery of "Ramson AN" , a virus hijacks the operating system Windows and asks a ransom of $ 100 within 48 hours , under the threat of removing all information from the computer.

In a statement, the center has warned of another Trojan, JoyHard, also for Windows, which installs as a normal program , making the user believe that you can download Internet content more quickly, when you actually install a keystroke logger ( keylogger ) that sends keystrokes on the infected computer to a remote malicious. These two Trojans are part of the total of twelve new virus released last week by INTECO. Similarly, the center has made ​​available to Internet users Free antivirus software for the Android operating system, called Norton Mobile Security Lite . Finally, INTECO advised of the importance of using web browsers securely and urged parents to prevent children under fourteen networks using social.


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