Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tweri, an application to control the movements of patients with Alzheimer's

The Madrid company Solusoft has developed the application for smartphones  Tweri , which improves the autonomy of people who are in the early stages of Alzheimer's. This system can take to the streets without fear of losing, which make life easier for caregivers.

This free app, available for Android and IOS (Apple), was launched today as part of the second edition of Apps BDigital Congress , held in Barcelona today and tomorrow 15 November 16. The application has already been tested successfully with patients of various associations that cater to people with this disease and their families as  Getafe AFAL or Alzheimer Manava .

The system, based on GPS geolocation , is simple: Once downloaded the application on the mobile device the patient, relatives or carers of the patient set a maximum time during which the patient can take to the streets as well as a geographic area bounded by that you can navigate. For the patient, a problem of disorientation or momentary loss of memory, leave the security zone marked for your ride or exceeds the set time to be away from home, the application sends a SMS preset or alert to another mobile device that takes the caregiver.

The director of R + D + i Solusoft, Sergio Mayor , explained that Tweri helps these patients to lead a normal life as possible when taking a stroll or simply down to the shop without anyone to accompany them: "It's an application 'guardian angel' who not only provides more autonomy to patients in the early stages of Alzheimer's, but serves to give some peace to the caregivers," explains the developer.

In Solusoft-who have already made a version in Castilian and English of Tweri, and are preparing another in Russian, now work for the application also detects any erratic movements that may make ill during their rides. They also want to develop the idea in devices other than smartphones to those in which Alzheimer's is more advanced and there is the possibility of losing your phone. Are being tested in watches or bracelets with GPS capable of sending data, and the patient can not be removed.

Tweri is one of the applications that have been released in the App Circus , a conference room inside the BDigital Apps, which have shown mobile systems developed by programmers, "starups" and local and international companies.


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