Monday, November 14, 2011

What is the best island with WiFi access in the world?

Located 608 kilometers west of Morocco and 416 miles north of the Canary Islands, the main island of Madeira, whose name is the same is the island with better access WiFi in the world with 13,000 public access points.

If you want to holiday in a world where you are sure you can connect to the Internet, Madeira is one of the most recommended. The so-called "garden of the Atlantic" has the best WiFi infrastructure in the world located on an island thanks to the network service ZON @ FON. These well-known as "Fonera" allow those who have them, share your wireless network.

This network ZON @ FON offers free access to customers and Madeira in Portugal , where more than 400,000 active access points. If it is from another country, you can also use the access points, but not for free but "with a very low rate," as explained from the Madeira Promotion Association.

Taking into account the population living on the island (not to exceed 270,000 inhabitants), there is an access point for every 20 inhabitants. In Spain one of the most "Fonera" is Madrid's Chueca district.


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