Monday, November 14, 2011

Create an electronic skin patch and intelligent

Engineers at the University of Illinois (USA) have developed a device that combines electronic sensors for medical diagnosis and man-machine communication with a sticky patch, much like the skin , which is registered as a temporary tattoo. The patch has been tested and successfully to measure the electrical activity of the heart, brain and muscles , according to an article published today in the journal Science . microelectronics technology used to make artificial skin patch called Epidermal called Electronic System ( Epidermal Electronics System , or EES).

According to its creators is less than 50 microns thick, weighs almost nothing, no glue needed and requires so little energy they can supply themselves with miniature solar captors , or picking up ambient electromagnetic radiation. Furthermore, when placed in the throat allows users to play a video game voice activated with an accuracy above 90%. "Merging electronics and biology is the key here," said Yonggang Huang, who has worked in the study. "All existing electronic parts are hard, rigid, while biologics are soft and elastic. They are two different worlds. This is really a way to integrate them, "he adds. In the future, are expected to serve ESS devices to help people with sleep apnea and babies who need neonatal care and to make electronic bandages to heal wounds and skin burns


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