Monday, November 14, 2011

An invention allows mobile phones consume less battery

The smartphone , even when the energy saving mode and not actively send and receive messages, are on alert waiting for information . And remain in the search for a channel of communication open. This type of "idle listening", which consumes energy, occurs during a large portion of time spent in the mobile power saving mode, which can reach 80 percent in busy networks. Scientists at the University of Michigan (USA) have found a new approach that could do that smartphones continue this idle listening more efficiently. Called E-mail me (of Energy-Minimizing Idle Listening ) .

"This idle listening often consumes as much energy as the activity of sending and receiving messages all day," says Kang Shin, author of the paper. E-mail me work slowing the pace of the WiFi card to 1 / 16 of normal frequency but a quick return to full speed when the phone is noted that information.  According to the authors, the hard part was getting the phone recognize an incoming message while the phone is in its most "sluggish". "And we had an idea clever," says Shin. "Usually the messages come with a header, and we could get the phone detects that heading, as you recognize if someone calls you by name and 90 percent is asleep." When used in the power saving mode, the researchers found that E-MiLi is able to reduce energy consumption by about 54 percent . In addition to a new program that slows the processor smartphones, E-MiLi requires new firmware for phones and computers that send messages. Shin said that the E-MiLi is compatible with current models so that future messages sent to devices that use the E-coding MiLi be received in the usual way in smartphones in E-mail me.

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  1. This new invention is very good to run the Business Mobile Phone for long time and save maximum energy of the battery to be used at the right time.


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