Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nokia launches new mobile concept of 100% touch

The company Nokia tries again revolutionize the world of mobile telephony. After the presentation of the new smartphones from Nokia Windows Phone operating system , as expected by users, Nokia aims to bring the world of touchscreen mobile phones to another level. The company introduced Nokia GEM, a prototype mobile phone that looks like something out of a science fiction movie that stands out as full touch.

In this new device buttons disappear completely and both the front and rear would be used to perform various actions with the devices. It's like a touch screen "wrap" all the phone and every corner of it could be used.

The Finnish company has presented through its Nokia Conversations blog . "It's like a jewel in the rough that needs to be polished to become a real product, "explained the manager of Nokia GEM, Jarko Saunamäki.

At first glance, Nokia GEM provides a compact and interactive. Meanwhile, in the back of the phone you will have the option to "pinch" the screen to zoom in on the front there is a clear and consistent image. Therefore, the user may have the same picture at different scales on each side of the phone.

Similarly, the new model gives users the option to bring publicity to the back of the phone , while calls are made. Users can decorate to your taste and alter the configuration of your avatar. You can see the interaction between phones when users contact data dump and photos on the phone. Among the most important uses are the "interaction" between all parts of the phone and changing appearance.

In this sense, the charge of directing the Nokia GEM project, Jarkko Saunamäki, said that this phone is the "ultimate customizable device" because "there is no default appearance."

Additionally, the device can display 3D images that allow viewing from all angles, providing the user have a look "totally" complete. "Now, when you start an application like camera, mobile phone still looks like a mobile phone, but with GEM, when you start the camera application, all the phone looks like a camera," said

From Nokia say that this model confirms the "commitment" to the research center has developed a leading role in GSM, 3G and technologies adopted in the sector.


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